Using one of the Butlomats you can exchange your empty gas cylinder at any time 24/7 – quickly, easily and comfortably.

Good Design

The advantages of the Butlomat

We value your time and care for your comfort.  That's exactly why we offer you solutions you'll just love!

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A good price

The Butlomat is fully automatic, that's why it can offer gas in AmeriGas cylinders at an even more attractive price. It's a saving for you and your family.


Our Butlomats are located where you like to shop - near the most popular shops in your area.  This makes it easy for you to exchange your cylinder quickly and comfortably while doing your shopping.

24/7 access

You can exchange your cylinder in a self-serve machine at any time, round the clock, seven days a week.  You will never be left without gas - you can exchange your cylinder whenever you need to.

How to use the self-serve machine in  4 steps

Choose the "Buy gas" option on the keyboard

To exchange your cylinder, choose the "Buy gas" option from the menu and then follow the instructions on the display or the instructions on the machine.

Leave your empty cylinder in the locker


The Butlomat will verify the returned cylinders - at the beginning you will be asked to put the cylinder on the central post and once the cylinder has been positively verified you will be able to put it in the locker.


Pay for the gas

You won't need cash to pay at the Butlomat - you can make the payment by card by putting it in the reader or using the pay-pass option.

Collect a full cylinder and your receipt

Once the payment has been verified by the system, the Butlomat will print out the receipt and the confirmation of the transaction. Once you get the receipt, remember to pick up your cylinder.

See which cylinders are available in the Butlomats

To make it easy for you to get the cylinder you need, we have put our most popular products in the Butlomats.

The steel gas cylinder

  • empty cylinder weight: 11 kg
  • cylinder capacity: 11 kg propane-butane
  • made of top quality steel
  • available with and without a flange

The DOM LIGHT cylinder

  • tool-free instalation thanks to the Klik-On reducer
  • empty cylinder weight: 6,8 kg
  • cylinder capacity: 10 kg propane
  • composite handles ensure a secure grip and do not freeze your handsające pewny chwyt

The NANO cylinder

  • quick installation and exchange thanks to the Klik-On reducer
  • tool-free installation
  • cylinder capacity: 8 kg propane
  • compact in size and lightweight - empty cylinder weighs only 6,6 kg

Do you have land for the Butlomat?

Develop your business with our Butlomat!

Do you have a plot of land in an attractive location?  Or maybe you'd like to attract some more customers?

If the answer to any of the above questions is "Yes" and your plot of land is in the area where gas cylinders are commonly used - fill in the form - we will present you with an attractive offer of co-operation!

Find the AmeriGas butlomat points!

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