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As every year, plenty of attractions awaited the guests. On the glade, artists from the Mimello Theatre taught all those wishing to perform circus tricks and demonstrated their skills to the applause of those present. Everyone could try their hand at hula-hoop spinning or juggling, which was great fun for both the youngest children and their parents. Children with a thirst for movement and adventure could use the inflatable slide and the Euro-bungee, on which they jumped into the sky. This was accompanied by shouts of excitement and joy. In the second part of the event, it was time for a performance by artists from the Lalka Theatre and a demonstration of astonishing chemical experiments. The actors and scientists engaged the audience in their performances in such a way that no-one was bored even for a moment. Everyone in attendance was also able to go on a tour of the zoo and get an up-close look at animal life. Doughnuts, sweet buns, a variety of sweets, fruit and drinks awaited children and parents alike, so none of the guests lacked energy to enjoy themselves. A bonfire was also lit in the middle of the clearing, where visitors could roast delicious sausages or marshmallows with their own hands. The ice cream, the taste of which everyone could choose for themselves, was also very popular. All children love presents, so every participant received a little surprise. They evoked reactions full of undying joy and surprise among the children who received them. This year's Dream Evening with Fantasia was, as always, a great success and left wonderful memories in the hearts of all the Participants. This was evidenced by the broad smiles on the children's faces, which we were able to capture in photographs. The organisation of the Dream Evening would not have been possible without the support of many companies, the Panda Foundation and the Warsaw Zoological Garden.


The Children's Fantasies Foundation is a public benefit organisation which has been making the dreams of seriously and chronically ill children come true since 2003. During the 18 years of our activity we have managed to fulfil more than 7,500 fantasies of our charges from all over Poland. For more information please visit the Foundation's website: Fundacja Dziecięca Fantazja