Running team AmeriGas

At UGI East we have taken on a new challenge to reduce the carbon footprint of our products in two stages: by 2030 by 50%, compared to 2020, by 2050 by 100% , thus achieving a carbon-neutral product. To achieve this ambitious goal, we need a close-knit team of specialists. At the same time, we believe that we can be fully professionally active if we strike a balance between time spent at work and at rest, particularly physical activity. To promote a healthy lifestyle, we have set up a running team. The team is made up of employees from different departments and presents itself with numerous challenges. With our energy, we bring help to various charitable actions.


We involve all employees, both those who train regularly and those just thinking about getting active. We believe that sport will help us achieve our business goals and break personal sports records while helping those in need. With us, our customers can rest assured that we will leave no one behind in the race to green.