The largest field kitchen WCK in Przemyśl is fueled by AmeriGas

UGI is deeply saddened by the crisis in Ukraine and condemns Russia's unprovoked aggression. We hope for a swift resolution, but recognise that the crisis that has occurred is severely affecting the lives of many of our colleagues. In line with UGI's values of honesty, respect and integrity, our desire to be a responsible corporate citizen of the world and considering the strength of our employees worldwide, we are taking action to support the needs of the Ukrainian people and the more than 3 million refugees who have fled the country.


The need for food in Ukraine is huge; the need for fuel to cook meals is equally urgent. UGI has partnered with World Central Kitchen (WCK) as part of our Meals and Fuel initiative, which will enable 100,000 fresh, hot meals a day to be served to refugees by offering financial support for food and cooking propane. To support UGI's Meals and Fuel programme and help WCK purchase much-needed products, click here. UGI will combine staff monetary donations for food with the propane needed to power WCK's kitchens and safely run their operations. You can also encourage friends and family to donate by directing them to the WCK homepage. UGI International has already made its first donation of fuel, which ensures that the WCK's kitchen can function and serve people meals, as well as providing the supervision necessary to maintain security. The WCK kitchen in Przemyśl, which is located close to the Ukrainian border, received the fuel and donated it for immediate use. We cannot imagine a better opportunity to promote our values and support our colleagues around the world than this initiative.

A task how to feed 2500 people and make a launch

Every day 75 000 meals have been prepared by a team of 50 volonteers in logistic hall and delivered to more then 40 refugee centers in Poland and in Ukranie and all Polish Ukrainian border points. With the support of AmeriGas WCK have made over 1,218,025 meals out of their kitchen to support the relief efforts on the border of Ukraine. (data actual till the end of June 2022). World Central Kitchen started their mission from March, right after 1 week the war started in Ukraine. This volonteer organisation was found by Jose Andres just after the Haiti earthquake in 2010.   The hall is projected from scratch in empty building with only light in it, but now it is filled with office, 10 huge saucepans for LPG, a refrigirator and huge ovens. Przemyśl team also prepare different soups and sandwitches, along with deserts, salads and fruits. In the whole the cooking team is working in rythm of jazz coming from a loudspeaker, that is energizing the atmosphere, so even as a visitor you want to join the process of helping others.

Some numbers:

  • 87 supplier partners around the whole world, but most products originates from Polish companies and local buisness
  • 75 000 meals pers day are cooked and delivered
  • 211 receipient locations with help of multiple proven delivery services and simple volonteers
  • 2 292 471 total meals from start of March till 4th of April
  • 2500 meals could be cooked by 1 big sausepan connected to 3*11 kg LPG cylinders with propane, that is enought for up to 3 hours of cooking process

All AmeriGas and UGI teams are very happy to have such a partner as World Central Kitchen and possibility to be the energy in the actions, the simple volonteers are making in helping to cope with refugee crisis in Poland. They also are helping local authorities with limited recources. Our company also support donations initiative with WCK among out employees around the whole world. Together we can cope with any hardships for the better and safer future.

Case study | How lpg is helping ukrainian refugees in Poland

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