AmeriGas is moving to new office in Warsaw

Our current office is with us for many years, but even after renovation that took place few years ago it’s not up to modern office standards. It’s on outskirts of the city and without good public transport service nearby. And we would like to offer the best working conditions for our employees. So, we were looking for something located in the attractive surrounding area that will enable us to implement flexible working approach and comply with environmentally friendly standards. We want new office to enable better communication and collaboration between employees and teams. That’s why “Forest Campus” have been selected from almost 90 location that had been considered. Following the guidance from UGII Head Office, our offices will be ”open” moving everyone to the open space, supporting the culture of „ONE TEAM” with large number of conference rooms, focus rooms and phone booths assumed, which should allow working in good conditions and support cooperation between departments. As lease contract is already signed, we are planning to move to new location till end of March 2022. We are also counting on our employees to take part in the initiatives that will impact on final design and look of our new office.


AmeriGas, who will take residence in its new Forest development in Warsaw from 1st of May Their employees will enjoy a total of 5,700 sq m of workspace tailored to enhance their wellbeing and productivity. 78,000 sq m in total, Forest comprises a campus-style building including a ground floor retail and an adjacent 120-metre-tall tower. The scheme will boost employees wellbeing through better air quality and above-standard fresh air supply, while energy-efficient windows will deliver plenty of daylight and comfort. It will feature 200 trees and as many shrubs within its public courtyard and rooftop terraces. It has also already been granted BREEAM Communities Certification, and WELL and BREEAM precertifications.

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