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„Where you are” means the specific place in your life, with a specific constellation of needs and requirements. We are where you are, we adjust the energy to your changing needs. We give you comfort because you know you can rely on us, because you know we are always near you, wherever you are, whatever you do.

About AmeriGas

AmeriGas Poland is one of the leading companies in the LPG business in Poland.  We distribute gas in cylinders to individual and industrial customers as well as lease tank installations for liquefied gas to be used for heating and production purposes.  As the only company in Poland we offer superlight new generation gas cylinders, which can be connected without the use of any tools.
AmeriGas is part of the UGI East Division, which is one of the three business segments of the American based UGI Corporation in Europe.

An effective distribution network

An effective distribution network is the basis of the business.  This is why we have strategically located terminals and liquid gas bottling plants which enable us to ensure quick and timely deliveries all over Poland using a modern fleet of cisterns and vehicles designed to transport gas cylinders.

This is why we can ensure quick, timely and cost-effective deliveries all over Poland.

terminal Terminal

rozlewnia Gas bottling plant

siedziba Headquarters


AmeriGas Poland Head Office

Burakowska 14
01-066 Warszawa
tel.: +48 22 16 17 000

AmeriGas AmeriGas Liquefied Gas Bottling Plant in Sławków

Groniec 1
41-260 Sławków
tel.: +48 32 298 56 91

AmeriGasAmeriGas Liquefied Gas Bottling Plant in Przytoczna

Nowa Niedrzwica
66-340 Przytoczna
tel.: +48 95 748 20 37

AmeriGas Terminal in Wólka Dobryńska

Wólka Dobryńska 159
21- 512 Zalesie
tel.: +48 83 355 44 38

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What makes us special?


Our clients’ opinions and numerous quality and safety certificates are proof that our gas cylinders and liquid gas tanks are completely safe and trustworthy.  We are sure of that because our products are meticulously tested for quality and safety and regularly inspected.



We care about our customers’ needs every step of the way.  This is why all our products undergo comprehensive quality and safety tests.  This is how we can be sure that only inspected and properly working gas cylinders are being sold.



Excellent customer service

We never stop caring about your comfort of using the liquefied AmeriGas so we are at your disposal 7 days a week.  All you need to do is pick up the phone and dial.

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