Are you looking for a gas tank for your company?

Your comfort of use of the tank is our priority.  This is why we have prepared the most comfortable offer of co-operation, which will allow you to forget that you have a tank.


Explore the wide range of tank installations for liquefied gas.  See how you can use them in your life.

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Hotels and restaurants

Use our propane tanks to cook, heat water and hotel rooms – all this with just one source of liquefied gas.

Car washes

LPG gas tanks enable energy-saving and ecological heating of rooms and water that you need to wash your customers’ cars.

Gas networks for developers

Gas networks guarantee stable gas deliveries to houses and estates all through the year.  There is no need to place orders, organize deliveries or store the fuel and every user pays for their own use.

Everything under control with AmeriGas

We respect your time and care about your peace of mind.  This is why we offer you solutions you will love!

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Smooth deliveries

The telemetric system allows permanent monitoring of the gas level in the tank, so you don’t have to worry you will run out of fuel – we’ll notify you when the tank needs refueling to arrange a delivery.

Technical support

We care about your comfort while using our tank installation, so we provide a Customer Service Office, the support of a professional technical department as well as free servicing.

Flexible billing and payment plans

We offer 3 billing and payment plans.  You can choose a fixed price for the gas and pay for the use in equal monthly payments or you can choose a tank with telemetry and pay  based on meter readings or you can order gas with a single payment for the whole delivery.

A tank for as little as 1 zł

Installing a tank with AmeriGas is hassle-free: we will take care of all the paperwork and the installation.  In this way you don't waste time running around the different offices or coordinating teams of workers - with AmeriGas you have more time to do the important things in your life.

And what's even more important, if you choose AmeriGas the installation will cost you a mere 1 zł - contact with us to learn more!


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