Are you looking for a gas tank for your farm?

The LPG AmeriGas tanks guarantee comfortable use – with no need to worry about deliveries. With our tanks you can always check online how much gas remains in the tank and place an order yourself or order automatic deliveries from AmeriGas when the level of gas in the tanks drops to a specific level.

Everything under control with AmeriGas

We respect your time and care about your peace of mind.  This is why we offer you solutions you will love!

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Smooth deliveries

The telemetric gauges ensure constant monitoring of the gas level in the tank and it is up to us to make sure you never run out.  This is why you will never have to worry about ordering gas.

Technical support

We care about your comfort while using our tank installations and this is why our Customer Service is available 7 days a week and we also provide free technical support.



Flexible billing and payment plans

We offer 3 billing and payment plans.  You can choose a fixed price for the gas and pay for the use in equal monthly payments or you can choose a tank with telemetry and pay  based on meter readings or you can order gas with a single payment for the whole delivery.


Liquefied gas tanks are used in a variety of different ways.  See how you can use them in your own agricultural business.


The warmth in a hennery is the basic condition for proper development of poultry.  Gas tanks can provide an adequate temperature in your hennery and ensure your chickens’ optimal growth.

Grain dryers

Damp leads to quick rotting of grains.  Make sure you provide the optimal storage conditions by using grain dryers powered by liquid gas.

Mushroom-growing cellars

Thanks to the liquefied gas tank installation you needn’t worry about the proper temperature in the growing chambers that ensures optimal growth of the mushrooms.

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