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What are the uses for tank installations for liquefied gas?

Tank installations for liquefied gas are a versatile source of energy for households, offices, farming, industry and hotels.

Is liquefied gas heating ecological?

Liquefied gas is formed in the process of refining oil. Heating based on liquefied gas is ecological because during its combustion 20% less carbon dioxide is emitted than during the combustion of heating oil and as much as 50% less carbon dioxide than during the combustion of coal. There are no harmful dusts formed during the combustion of LPG, which is why the gas is non-toxic and does not contaminate soil or ground water if accidentally released.

What formalities for the tank installation will be taken care of by AmeriGas?

In order to build the installation the design needs to be drawn and a permit must be obtained from the local authorities (Polish: starostwo powiatowe). The client himself must supply the geodetic map and obtain the building permit. The client also has to perform the excavations for the connection and earthing as well as for the tank in the case of an underground tank. AmeriGas will prepare the design of the connection, supply the plate for the tank as well as the tank, and will mount the installation and the connection. AmeriGas will also take care of the earthing and leak-tightness testing along with the final acceptance from the Office of Technical Inspection.

What are the advantages of liquefied gas heating?

  • Liquefied gas is an ecological fuel,
  • Liquefied gas has almost three times the calorific value of natural gas,
  • No harmful substances are formed during the combustion of liquefied gas,
  • The heating method is automatic,
  • Only a small boiler-room is required, which can also double as a laundry and drying room as propane does not produce soot or unpleasant odours,
  • One tank can feed a boiler used for heating the building and for heating the water, you can also connect your cooker or a gas grill to it,
  • There is no need for a separate room for fuel storage.

Who do I contact in case of a break-down?

A sticker on every tank gives instructions on what to do in case of a breakdown. If you notice any irregularities in the way the installation functions or its breakdown you should immediately call the 24/7 AmeriGas emergency number: 22 519 19 59 In the event of a fire you should call the Fire Brigade (998 lub 112), and if there are casualties – also the Ambulance Service (999 lub 112).If it does not pose a threat to health or life, the main valve on the gas box should be turned off as well as the gaseous phase valve which is located on the tank.

How do I use the tank installation safely?

You must not use an open flame near the tank. The tank must not be built-in or placed under a roof. The tank must not be surrounded by trees and bushes – the area around it must be well ventilated. As far as the underground tank is concerned, the surface over the tank must not be paved or covered with plants. Tank testing deadlines must be met (outside testing, inside testing, pressure testing) and the safety valve must be replaced as due. In case of any leakage or release it is necessary to inform the service.

How do I check the gas level in the tank?

Installations using telemetry.
If you are using telemetry, you can check the gas level in your tank by logging into the Customer Zone. What is more, when the gas level in your tank is getting close to the minimum we can plan a delivery and schedule a convenient time for you. This is why you will never have to worry about the amount of gas in your tank..
Installations without telemetry.
If you are not using telemetry, you can always check the gas level by reading the indicator on the tank fittings. What do you have to do? - open the tank fittings cover - Read the gas level on the gas level indicator – ALEVEL Ilustracja poziomowskazu
1. Fixed gas level indicator in the tank (in %)
2.Moving clock face
3. We recommend ordering a delivery when the gas level in the tank drops to below 25% - this will ensure continuous work of the installation.


What is the AmeriGas Standard offer?

This is a traditional system of monitoring the gas level by the user of the installation. The gas is ordered by the client when the gas level in the tank drops to the level of 25%. The client pays for the gas in one payment, based on the amount of gas delivered.

What is the AmeriGas Relax offer?

The AmeriGas Relax System consists in mounting a tank installation complete with a meter and a telemetric device. Thanks to these devices AmeriGas automatically controls the gas level in the tank and delivers the fuel at the best time – with no unnecessary formalities or the need to order. If you choose this system, you pay your monthly bills for the used gas on an ongoing basis avoiding having to pay the full amount for the gas delivery.

What does refilling the tank look like?

Deliveries of liquefied gas for tanks are made within a maximum of:

  • 7 days from ordering in the winter,
  • 14 days from ordering in the summer.

Once the order for delivery is accepted, a time window is determined. On the day preciding the delivery a representative will contact you to schedule the re-filling. If the suggested delivery time does not suit you, we will reschedule and deliver at a more convenient time for you.

Activities performed by the driver during the delivery:
1. Securing the area around the cistern and the tank
2. Checking the seal on the valve
3. Checking the tightness of the tank
4. Connecting the earthing
5. Showing the level indicator and the gas meter before refuelling
6. Refuelling the tank
7. Showing the level indicator and the gas meter after refuelling
8. Checking the tightness of the tank after refuelling
9. Sealing of the valve

How much gas should there be in the tank?

There should be no more than 85% of the total capacity of the tank and no less than 25%. If there is less than 25% of the total capacity in the tank, the gas loses its capability to vaporize, which is especially important if the temperature outside is very low.


What is telemetry?

Telemetry is the most modern, automatic system of settlements for liquefied gas on the Polish market, which is based on installing a meter with a telemetric device. Telemetry allows remote monitoring of gas levels in the installation and settlement of payments for usage.


What types of tanks are available?

There are underground and overground tanks available with different capacities- 2700 l, 4850 and 6600/6700l. The fittings on the tanks are identical regardless of the tank size.

Installment of bulk at our customer

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