The most comfortable gas cylinder on the market

In order to guarantee your safety while using the gas cylinders, the Klik-On valve is fitted with a special thermal protection device which melts at a high temperature and blocks the cylinder valve.

The AmeriGas cylinders

The compact size, modern look, lightness and easy installation make the AmeriGas cylinders simple to use and user-friendly.

Easy connection

The Klik-On connector used in the NANO and Dom Light cylinders enables immediate connection of the cylinder in any place, without the use of any tools.

Small weight

The NANO gas cylinder is 40% lighter than the standard LPG gas cylinders.  The low weight combined with practical handles guarantee comfortable transport of the cylinder.

Compact size

The smaller dimensions of the cylinder make its transport and storage easier and more comfortable.

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See our range of gas cylinders for cooking. Each one is adjusted to your needs. They are easy to transport, simple to install and user-friendly.

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The steel cylinder

  • empty cylinder weight: 11 kg
  • cylinder capacity: 11 kg propane
  • made of top quality steel
  • available with and without a flange

The DOM LIGHT cylinder

  • tool-free installation thanks to the Klik-On reducer
  • empty cylinder weight: 6,8 kg
  • cylinder capacity: 10 kg propan
  • composite handles ensure a secure grip and do not freeze your hands

The NANO cylinder

  • quick installation and exchange thanks to the Klik-On reducer
  • tool-free installation
  • cylinder capacity: 8 kg propane
  • campact in size and lightweight - the empty cylinder weighs just 6,6 kg

Guarantee of safety

Safety is of great importance every day while using a gas cylinder.  This is the reason why AmeriGas puts a lot of effort into ensuring the safety of the users of our cylinders.

Inspection of cylinders and valves

Every time a cylinder is refilled in our bottling plants, the cylinder and the valves are computer tested for tightness.  That's how you and your family can be sure that our cylinders are safe.

Certified gas quality

The AmeriGas cylinders are filled with gas, which is subject to various quality testing procedures performed by independent laboratories. As a result the flame does not produce smoke and does not smell.


Moreover, we are the only company in Poland who offers new generation cylinders, equipped with the ultra modern Klik-On valve, which ensures the proper level of gas inside the cylinder and enables a tight connection without using any tools.

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