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  • Your application will be reviewed by me and your potential supervisor in terms of what we can offer relative to your experience.
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Career Choices


Do you want to be a sales ace in an American company? Do you feel you have the energy, the will to win? By coming to us, you can be sure that you will be among your own. More information.

Customer Care

Our success is the result of teamwork. If you enjoy dealing with people and want to learn how to sell professionally and how to respond effectively to customers' needs and cooperate with other departments, join our team. More information.


If you want to advance your career in finance, AmeriGas has a wide range of options within our Leverage Services Finance framework in the P2P, C2C or R2R team as well as in the Corporate Finance division. In our organization, both beginners and seasoned experts can find their career path. More information.


It is difficult to imagine a company without well-functioning logistics, with a modern planning system. If you want to build up the value of your company by taking care of the delivery of products to your customers, this department is for you. More information.

Asset management

If you value precision in your work, you are a meticulous person, driven by logic and want to work with experts in your field, Asset Department will be the place for you. More information.


Focus on development, process improvement, optimization and automation of production while maintaining the highest standards of safe work - this is the key to creating ideal conditions at a new stage in your career path. Want to see for yourself? More information.

Reasons to join us

We support your development

We create an environment where employees have room to grow. We help employees develop competencies to support them in achieving their ambitions.

We maintain high standards

Safety of employees is our top priority in AmeriGas. This is why we have implemented a number of solutions that minimize the risk of accidents and we have created a comfortable and friendly working environment for our office staff.

We listen to our employees

We want each employee to feel happy because of being part of the AmeriGas team, that's why we are open to any suggestions concerning our company.  We also conduct anonymous employee satisfaction surveys, which help us improve as an employer.

We give opportunities for promotion

Our company creates many opportunities for professional development both by promotion and by changing the type of work performed.  In this way you can fulfill yourself at work by doing exactly what gives you satisfaction.

Hybrid working

Remote working

Growth opportunities

Vacation funding

Bike parking

Lunch vouchers

Life insurance

Private medical care

Running team

Employee referral program​

Integration events

Charity initiatives

Meet our employees


1. Since when you have been working in AmeriGas and what is you role?

I have been working in AmeriGas since 1 May 2022 and I am Logistics Coordinator for East of Hungary.

2. What motivated you to come to AmeriGas?

When I had the first interview with my Manager I felt that he was such a confident, experienced person from whom I can learn and improve a lot. I was also attracted by Company itself and its modern office.

3. In your earlier career you worked in different roles, please tell us what they were and what made you change into Logistics?

Yes, for a while I sold insurance but facing this opportunity I decided to follow my earlier education efforts, Logistics Assistant certificate that I obtained besides Economics Diploma, as well as my previous experience in logistics, gained in Robert Bosch Ltd. My knowledge was put into practice.

4. What motivates you in your present job?

Learning new things is what I like the most. I have been motivated by the challenges. I can create new, efficient solutions that bring greater client satisfaction.

5. What do you like about working in AmeriGas?

The fact that I can use my skills and I really like our office and its surroundings but most of all super people that I work with.

6. How do you like living in Poland?

Are you here long? Since 2018 when I left Iceland. I live in incredible country. I find here friendly and hospitable people, great culture, food and drink and beautiful nature. Clean streets and fresh air give me a good feeling when I take a walk.

7. Have you been travelling around Poland?

Yes of course. Travelling is also one of my passion in life. It is wonderful that in the cities there are a lot of parks, intact cultural buildings and monuments.

8. Where did you like most? Everywhere. 😊

9. What do you like to do in you free time?

My favourite thing to do is fishing. In Hungary, I used to fish a lot in Balaton but the Masuria Lake District I love the most. I also paint, go hiking and to gym in my free time.


1. Since when you have been working in AmeriGas and what is you role?

I have been working in Amerigas since 01.08.2022. I was hired for a role of Back Office Specialist in Customer Service Dept. dedicated to Hungarian market.

2. What motivated you to come to AmeriGas?

The company gives me the opportunity to work in a dynamic, international environment - this has been a great asset. Among other things, I use foreign language skills in my daily work.

3. In your earlier career you worked in different roles, please tell us what they were and what made you change to Customer Service/Back Office?

I have been involved in education and qualified youth sports for more than 15 years. In the attached photo I am at a national team training camp where I was one of the coaches. The changes taking place in this sector motivated me to look for another career path. Knowledge of foreign languages and the ability to learn quickly fit perfectly into the profile of the kind of employee Amerigas was looking for.

4.What motivates you in your present job?

Treating the customer the way I would like to be treated myself - fast, efficient and professional service.

5.Have you had a Chance to travel outside of Poland?

Yes, south of Europe is where I go most often.

6.Were did you like it best?

In addition to Hungary, Slovenia is a place I return to at every opportunity. I am also tentatively planning a trip to the United States.

7. What do you like to do in you free time?

I devote my free time to two passions. The first is foreign languages - I teach myself, I teach others, I do translations. The second - basketball. Healthy, athletic competition in amateur tournaments is a great way for me to relax. Thank you Marcin and good luck in achieving your dreams.


Our office

Other projects we are engaged in

Running team

The AmeriGas running team is a team that nothing can stop and is always involved in many charitable actions, such as: Policz się z cukrzycą, the Warsaw Half Marathon #BiegamDobrze, WingsforLife, PolandBusinessRun and others.

Supporting child foundation

For the second year in a row, we have been invited to co-create an Evening of Dreams for sick and disabled children and their families at the Warsaw Zoo with Fundacja Dziecięca Fantazja (Children's Fantasia Foundation.

Humanitarian aid

AmeriGas, as a subsidiary of UGI, is supporting the people of Ukraine through our 'Feeding and Fueling' initiative with World Central Kitchen to help it reach its goal of serving 100,000 hot meals to Ukrainian refugees every day. Cash donations from employees across UGI, including AmeriGas Poland, are topped up by the company with the equivalent in propane to fuel the kitchen.

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