The 6 principles of safe use of tank installations for liquefied gas

Using the LPG installation

Liquefied gas, used for heating and cooking, is an ecological fuel - it does not produce smoke during cobustion and does not generate smog. Home LPG installations, if properly used and maintained, are also very safe.  However a few basic principles should be followed. Check if you know how to use home LPG tank installations safely.

Ensure safety

  1. Open fire should not be used near the tank, including smoking cigarettes or lighting a grill.
  2. There should be no flammable materials stored near the tank, such as rubbish, paper for recycling or cut grass.
  3. All repairs of the tank installation should be made by licensed professionals.
  4. No alterations of the installation should be attempted under any circumstances.
  5. Regular maintenance and inspections required by relevant regulations should be conducted in due time.
  6. It is important to verify the quality of the gas and the competence of the company that provides the gas - ask your provider to present rel;evant certificates and he permit to trade in fuels.  Verify also if your provider has a licence to transport hazardous materials and if the driver has been properly trained.

Proper use of the installation will ensure not only a high level of safety but also proper functioning of the heating system.


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