How can you save energy?

How can you save energy?

Cleaning, maintenance and control of the heating system

      These are necessary to keep the high efficiency of any heating system.

The piping of the heating system

Insulation of the piping is very important as uninsulated pipes do not transfer heat in an efficient way.

Thermal switches

Thermal switches should be fitted on each heater by a specialist.  This allows automatic temperatire control.


There is danger, particularly in older buildings, that cold air will get in through the joints or cracks.  To prevent this, the cracks and joints in the building can be secured with a special foam or rubber seal.

Do not overheat

Different rooms need different temperatures.  The best temperature for the living room is 22 degrees, 24 degrees is best for the bathroom whereas in the bedroom 18 degrees is sufficient.

Keep all the rooms heated

Heating a room from scratch is usually more expensive than keeping it heated even at a lower temperature.  That’s why the heating shouldn’t be turned off completely even in unused rooms.

Short airing times

It is important to let some fresh air in the room, but having windows open for many hours is expensive. A window which is slightly ajar lets the cold air in constantly, which increases the heating bill.  It is best to open the window wide for about 5-10 minutes making sure that the fresh air flows also into other rooms. 

These are the first steps to saving energy.  Other options involve modernizing the entire heating system and installing thermal insulation.

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