The environment

The environment

LPG is a wonderful, ecological source of energy.  Compared to other energy sources such as fuel oil or solid fuels, liquefied gas is a clean, convenient and efficient fuel with a variety of applications.  Choosing LPG means choosing the fuel with the least negative impact on the environment.  The European Commission declared LPG as an alternative source of energy in the autumn of 2002.  If we want to preserve our natural environment and learn from our mistakes, we must act now - and LPG helps us to achieve this goal.  Advantages for the environment:




  • LPG is clean, environmentally friendly and one of the least polluting sources of energy.
  • LPG does not produce soot or other residues.
  • Very low waste gas emissions compared to other fossil fuels.
  • Non-toxic
  • LPG does not pose threats to ground water or soil, may be used in proteced areas.
  • LPG is one of the most modern sources of energy.

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